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LIFE SMART IN’AIR is a European project with the mission to reduce the impact of pollutants on the environment and health.

The four-year project, which has a budget of around €4 million, is part of the European Commission’s Life programme, which supports initiatives in favour of the environment and the climate.

The project aims to develop a comprehensive and intelligent indoor air quality monitoring solution and then carry out diagnoses in European schools and nurseries (measurement of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene etc. concentrations).

PRESCREEN’s launch is scheduled for next November, and will be the first major step in this project, which was launched a year ago by 10 partners across 7 European countries.

The goal of PRESCREEN is to conduct preliminary measurements in 32 schools in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Portugal, to select 4 schools in which the solution will be deployed to carry out a diagnosis of indoor air quality, in partnership with doctors specialising in indoor air quality, industrialists and public authorities.

These diagnoses will validate the new generation of devices and improve indoor air quality in nurseries and schools on a European scale.