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Website: http://www.inairsolutions.fr/

Contact: Stéphnatte Englaro

E-mail: senglaro@inairsolutions.fr

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In’Air Solutions (IAS)

In’Air Solutions is an innovative and high-tech start-up. The core business is to develop and sale air pollutants analysers for labs (public, private, industrial) to accede to a better knowledge. Our devices are both technical and marketing tools. These analysers will allow to rapidly identify sources (constant or varying), help to develop new materials, show the effect of de-polluting devices or construction materials and reveal the safety of spaces.

In’Air Solutions aims at helping to solve three major problems:

(1) Health : indoor air is a cocktail of outdoor pollutants enriched with specific indoor pollutants. The health consequences are well documented, air pollutants can cause respiratory diseases. What is less known, however, is the link made between poor air quality and non-respiratory diseases such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. Poor air quality can also, for example, drastically reduce in vitro fertilization success rates.

(2) Diagnoses accuracy : to be effective, it must specifically identify the sources of indoor chemical pollutants.

(3) Technology : Professionals do not have the technology to achieve accurate, rapid and reliable measurements using a compact and portable device.

In’Air Solutions will be the coordinator of the project.

Website: http://icpees.unistra.fr/

Contact: Stephane Lecalvé

E-mail: slecalve@unistra.fr

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Institut de Chimie et Procédés pour l’Energie, l’Envionnement et la Santé (ICPEES)

ICPEES is a joint research unit with a partnership between the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of Strasbourg (UdS). The Institute is composed by more than a hundred of scientists concerned by the development of advanced research related to energy, environment and health. The complementarities of the various research teams contribute to solve global issues ranging from molecules design, properties, and applications in useful devices, sensors or catalytic processes. The group of atmospheric chemistry led by Stéphane Le Calvé has an extensive experience in analytical chemistry applied to the measurement of air pollutants. For 10 years, it has developed portable ,measurement instruments which are now based on microfluidic devices.

In the framework of LIFE Smart In’Air project, ICPEES will make available its know-how, its own scientific equipment and will also be able to access to CNRS nanotechnology platforms in France, in particular those located in Strasbourg, Toulouse and Besancon, whose complementarity should make it possible to realize all the desired microfluidic elements. The ICPEES know-how will also make it possible to design and draw microfluidic elements with compatible software.

In addition, the own following facilities of ICPEES will be available for the project: generation of gas mixture with known concentrations, analytical reference methods (GC, HPLC, etc.), adsorption devices, flash thermo-desorption devices, patented real time analysers for formaldehyde and BTEX monitoring.

Website: http://www.advanticsys.com 

Contact: José J. de las Heras

E-mail: jheras@advanticsys.com

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AdvanticSys (ADSYS) is a tech SME with an important background in Information and Communication Technologies specializing in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) comprising hardware, embedded software and cloud solutions development. Main application targets are in the field of energy efficiency, environment monitoring, and automation. Thanks to its solid technological background in IoT, its collaboration network (including Asia and Latin America), and its highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals ADSYS is capable of offering its clients competitive and effective technological solutions in more than 40 countries. ADSYS also participates in R&D projects at National and European level in different areas such as, Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and innovative software technologies, including fog/edge/cloud architectures for monitoring, control and automation applications in buildings management and industrial sector.

“At ADSYS we create monitoring & control products and solutions that improve processes and services in areas such as energy, agriculture, and environment in a global marketplace. We strive every day to put our technology to work for private companies and public institutions around the world in order to make this planet a more liveable and more sustainable”.

Website: www.issep.be 

Contact: Bergmans  Benjamin

E-mail: b.bergmans@issep.be

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ISSeP main activity is related to environmental monitoring. Its other activities are new technology evaluation, environmental research, laboratory testing and risk evaluation. In total, 265 people are working for ISSeP.

ISSeP has an experience of more than 45 years in air quality chemistry and monitoring and more than 40 peoples are working for the Air quality department. Some of them are Belgian experts both at European an International level and take active part in the normalization process in this field. The Institute is managing the air quality network for the French part of Belgium (Wallonia) and is the reference laboratory.

ISSeP also participate on a regular basis on various European research projects.

ISSeP will be in charge of the development of a risk assessment tool linking air quality and health and environmental impacts. ISSeP will create a methodology for environmental and socio-economic impact monitoring and then be responsible of its good implementation.

Website: http://www.thurmelec.fr 

Contact: Maurer Michel

E-mail: michel.maurer@thurmelec.fr

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Issued from the electronic department of Clemessy (created in 1970), THURMELEC (THU) has been created in 2004. Nowadays, THU gathers 50 employees and works in various sectors such as health, security, industry and transports.

The company is specialised in design, fabrication, test and maintenance of electronic products.

Initially, THU was focused on industrial subcontracting for larger companies integrating all products environment (wires, plastic injection, mechanics…).

In 2011, THU has decided to start working in innovation by enhancing its RTD team that gathers today with 2 PhD, 8 engineers and 2 technicians. Therefore, THU has an extended expertise of design (hardware and software studies, radio) and regulatory issues (Elector-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), SAFETY…), thanks to the EMC laboratory of L.C.I.E. (Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques).

Website: https://www.iemn.fr

Contact: Talbi Abdelkrim

E-mail: Abdelkrim.Talbi@iemn.univ-lille1.fr

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IEMN is an academic laboratory common to University of Science and technology of Lille, University of Valenciennes, engineering schools ISEN, and Centrale Lille (268 staff members). It is also associated to CNRS.

IEMN develops researches in five main directions:

  • Physics of nanostructures
  • Micro and nanosystems
  • Micro-Nano and Optoelectronics
  • Communication systems and application of microwaves
  • Acoustics

AIMANFILMS group is part of the International Associated Laboratory (LIA) LEMAC/LICS on Critical and Supercritical Phenomena in Functional Electronics, Acoustics and Fluidics based at IEMN.

The group has more than fifteen years’ experience in developing MEMS solutions for flow control with applications to microfluidics, separation or turbulent boundary layer control. All these technological achievements were based on Micro-Magneto-Mechanical System (MMMS) microjets and were developed in our previous works mainly for active aerodynamic flow control applied to separation control on airplane wings, engines, blades and ate the rear end of cars in the frame of various national and European projects involving Rolls Royce, SNECMA, MTU, EADS, MBDA, ONERA, Renault, PSA, and academics. Highly positive results were already obtained, and it was shown that feedback control is necessary to synchronize/adapt the excitation of the microjets to the natural instabilities of the flow to improve the results.

The project will benefit from equipment and expertise available in characterization platform and microfluidic laboratory based at IEMN. It involves microwave measurement, MEMS and NEMS vibrations analysis, near-field microscopy tools (STM, AFM, PFM, MFM), and microfluidic devices analysis and metrology. Therefore, IEMN will be involved in the development of the calibration system but also in the communication and dissemination activities.

Website: www.eap-save.eu 

Contact: Agopyan Milena

E-mail: milena.agopyan@eap-save.eu

Phone number: +359.

Click for more information about ENERGY AGENCY OF PLOVDIV (EAP)

EAP is an expert organisation promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and renewable energy. It carries out feasibility studies, environmental and energy analyses, energy efficiency, development and management. EAP is a member of Federation of European Regional Energy and Environment Agencies and is a founder of the Association of Energy Agencies in Bulgaria.

EAP’s expertise covers deep energy, economic, and financial analysing, policy advise, project management, writing and promotion as well as consultancy for improving air quality and local energy systems (local authorities, private companies and citizens); assistance for energy saving in public and residential buildings.

EAP has realised user engagement campaigns, focus groups, and in-depth interviews with stakeholders; its team has been in charge of user engagement and behavioural change supervision. It has conducted gamification and educational campaigns on energy saving and behaviour change activities.

EAP experts do data gathering, collection, procession and analysis for the end-users to better understand their energy consumption and production. EAP developed for the local authorities: SEAP under the CoM initiative; Air quality strategies and action plans; EE& RES strategy and conducted consultations on energy measures for households and SMEs.

During the LIFE Smart In’Air project EAP will use its expertise to implement the demonstration in one of its school. It will use the data collected to implement good practises. AEP will be also involved in the communication and dissemination activities.

Website: http://www.cm-faro.pt

Contact: Vargues Joao

E-mail: jvargues@cm-faro.pt

Phone number: +

Click for more information about MUNICIPIO DE FARO (FARO)

The Municipality of Faro is a public authority inserted in the local administration, and has strong competences in several areas such as projects preparation, territory management, infrastructure, public equipment and services to local citizens, among which stand out the education (basic level), sports, culture, urban management and renovation, social welfare, and economic development.

Faro has recently defined its new strategic development plan around the concepts of competitiveness and innovation; employment; quality of life and sustainability.

The main challenge is to promote jobs and new business opportunities through a new strategy built around the defined strategic concepts. That includes a particular concern with the responsible use of the endogenous resources. To pursue such goals, FARO is committed on the development of activities around nature, tourism, leisure, outdoor and indoor air quality, salt, coastal zone management, energetic efficiency, waste management, water management, urban requalification, etc.

During the LIFE SMART IN’AIR project FARO will implement the demonstration in one of its school. It will use the data collected to implement good practises. FARO will be also involved in the communication and dissemination activities.

Website: www.padovanet.it

Contact: Minicuci Maurizio

E-mail: minicucim@comune.padova.it

Click for more information about COMUNE DI PADOVA (PADOVA)

The Municipality of Padova has a long-standing experience in participation projects organisation and management, particularly on urban planning, environmental and sustainability issues, through the Environment and Territory dept. and Informambiente Office.

In 2010, Padova subscribed the Aalborg Charter and joined the Sustainable Cities Campaign, committing to setting up a participatory approach for urban sustainable strategies and development, hence established the local Agenda21 Forum. Particularly, since the very beginning in 2001, Informambiente Office is also acting as Agenda21 Office, promoting, coordinating and designing events, labs, round tables aiming at involving citizens and local stakeholders in view of an active and responsible citizenship. Informambiente Office actively engaged in environmental education, working closely with schools at all levels and teachers, thru its dedicated initiative “Agenda21 at School” (A21S). This past school year (2016/17) Informambiente successfully involved 16.444 students from 61 schools (11 nursery, 31 Primary, 8 Secondary, 11 High Schools) through 12 Educational Projects, 13 Laboratories, 2 training courses.

Among all activities, three focussed specifically on air quality issues:

  • “The air we are breathing”,
  • “Walking to school with my friends”,
  • “Clean Air: your move first” (students).

On this same issue, “The air we are breathing”, it has been held a training course for 20 teachers from 10 different schools (2 Nursery, 4 Primary, 1 Secondary, 3 High Schools).

Therefore, PADOVA IS involved in the demonstration phase as well as in the communications and dissemination activities.

Website: www.thessaloniki.gr 

Contact: Papastergios Georgios

E-mail: g.papastergios@thessaloniki.gr

Phone number: +

Click for more information about MUNICIPALITY OF THESSALONIKI (THES)

Thessaloniki is a local public authority with a population of 325,000. The Municipality of Thessaloniki comprises several units, such as: the Financial Services Department, the Directorate of Education and Sports, the Department of Environmental Services, etc., which employ highly qualified and experienced staff (engineers, scientists, etc.). environment, etc.). About 3,200 people are employed by the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

One of the main objectives of the municipality is the prevention of environmental pollution. It has therefore taken measures in the recycling process, the cleaning treatment of seawater Thermaikos Gulf, the creation of an air pollution monitoring network, the development of green spaces, public awareness environmental issues, etc.

For THES, joining the consortium is an opportunity to connect with other cities / organizations facing similar problems while accumulating and sharing knowledge and experiences in the (scientific) tasks that the proposal will address. THES will benefit from this exchange and the most recent ideas that will be produced during the implementation of the project.

THES will use its expertise to implement the demonstration of the LIFE SMART IN’AIR project in a school. It will be up to him to use the chemical data controlled by the micro-analyzers to improve the indoor air quality of the school and to implement good practices. THES will also be involved in communication and dissemination activities.